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Bio: Link

Link, also known as Linky and Linkzilla, was purchased at a pet store in Wyandotte, MI mid-October of 2002. Dan and Jesi visited the pet store after they had dropped off a stray at the local Humane Society. They were in the mode for saving kitties and that is what they did!

When they arrived to the pet store there were two tiny kittens in a single cage. Now, Dan and Jesi did not necessarily plan on bringing home a new kitty that day, but they fell in love with Link. Jesi held him for a while outside of the cage and then carried him around a bit. Every time she would go to pet him, he pushed himself up into her hand the most adorable way. Soon, the baby kitty (we assume he was only about 4-5 weeks old) had fallen asleep in Jesi's arms and he stayed that way until he was paid for and out in the car.

When he arrived home he met his new pal Oni. She was hesitant to get close to him at first, but when she saw how tiny he was, she couldn't deny the cuteness either.

We had to weigh less than a pound and be under 5 inches when he first came home. He fit in the palm of Jesi's hand. Here is a photo of Link's first day at home:

Link is named after the video game character of the same name from the Legend of Zelda series. He is currently just over 5 years old and weighs in at just under or over 20 lbs! He is a big huge baby!
His favorite foods are mandarine oranges and some veggies. Link unfortunately suffers from bulimia and has a hard time keeping down his food. But his people happily clean up is kitty barf regularly.

Links favorite game to play is fetch. He loves the rings off of milk jugs and has found that recently the rubber color coded rings that Target uses are also a great toy to play fetch with!

Link and Kai became friends fast and they play together all the time. Kai picks on Link (even though she is about a 1/4 his size) and he just lets her do it. From pouncing him to biting his butt to eating his tail... she's always doing something to that boy!

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