Monday, August 25, 2008

Updated Pics

We played glamour shots today. Here are some new ones of the gang



Friday, August 8, 2008

New House

We all moved into a new house just over a month ago. We love the new house. Not only is there TONS more space for all of us, but we also have these fun floors that are slippery and don't have the floor fur. We thing the humans call it wood but we just chase each other and slide! Oh and we have this area where we can do out the door when the humans let us and we are in the outer world, but still safe behind a see-thru wall thing.. Its hot in this see-thru room that the humans call a screen porch, but we like going out there. Not Link so much.. he's still scardy. There is some good video of Kai playing with an invader on the screen porch.. maybe the boy human will post it for you to sees.

Lounging wif my hooman

Me Lookin outside

Me looking pretty

Me in my Emo pose